22 Years of Zakat

We are celebrating 22 Amazing Years of Cancer Aid & Research Foundation in 2022 – that means 22 years of giving 100% of your Zakat to those in need. Whether you’ve been on this journey with us for 22 years or 22 minutes, we appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks to the beautiful act of faith and charity that is your Zakat payment, you are helping thousands of people– saving lives, breaking the poverty cycle and transforming whole communities for decades to come. 


Fulfill this beautiful pillar of Islam this Ramadan

and reap 100% of the rewards

For 22 Amazing Years, we at CARF are proud to have had – and continue to have - a 100% Zakat policy!

Our 100% Zakat policy means every single penny of your Zakat donation will go directly to those who need it most 100% of the time – giving you 100% of the reward.

Zakat in Islam  

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam that must be met by the Muslims who meet certain criteria.

It is a particular amount that need be paid from particular categories of wealth, to particular categories of beneficiaries, with a particular criteria.  Zakat is a blessing, symbolising purity, kindness, and a contribution to the development of entitled recipients.

There are eight categories of beneficiaries who are eligible to receive Zakat, which are clearly stated in the Quran (Surah At-Taubah:60) Allah (swt) says in this verse: “Zakah expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect (zakah) and for bringing hearts together (for Islam) and for freeing captives (or slaves) and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the (stranded) traveller – an obligation (imposed) by Allah. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.”

Any Muslim who possesses the required nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth that one must have before zakat is payable) for one whole year is bound to pay Zakat on that wealth.  According to Islamic regulations, Zakat is 2.5% of one year’s total cumulative wealth

Zakat Al Maal can be paid any time during the year and many choose to pay their Zakat during Ramadan.

Who are the beneficiaries of my Zakat al Maal ?

From the above aayah, we can see that the eight eligible categories of beneficiaries to receive Zakat are:

1) The Poor

2) The Destitute needy

3) Zakat Administrators

4) Freeing slaves

5) Those in debt (their debt is more than half of what they own)

6) In the way of Allah

7) Wayfarers (traveller who has been cut off from essential needs)

CARF works very hard to make sure your donations go to those most in need by directly giving your Zakat . 

Who received Zakat from us

CARF has been running many humanitarian projects, some of which are ongoing, some are one-off, and some are occasional. CARF also receives different types of donations, mainly Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitrah. Our established aid chain, ground-relief efforts and years of experience will ensure that your Zakat goes in long way towards our below ongoing projects for serving humanity and in giving deprived people their basic human rights that they deserve.
Donation of Rs. 1214/-: To provide Food grain kit for helping the vulnerable families in urgent stock of basic food necessities.
Donation of Rs. 267/-: For distribution of Female Hygiene Kit among the female group of deprived population for the hygiene and well-being of their life.
Donation of Rs. 324/- : For distribution of Male Hygiene Kit to promote good health, hygiene and well-being among the male group of deprived population.
Donation of Rs. 410/- : For distribution of General Kit to promote health awareness and for leading healthy lifestyle.
Your Zakat in the form of above donations can do much more when you give to CARF as it is ensured to be utilized to relieve more hunger, quench more thirst, strengthen more healthcare, and eradicate more poverty.

Zakat Charity

Last two year, we all were struggling because of Covid and the people in need had no ways to get help. Inspite of all these hardships we received tremendous support from everyone during Ramadan and we received good contribution as Zakat. We are proud to say that the total Zakat amount was used for the welfare of the deserving poor and needy cancer patients. Alhamdulillah, we have been helping cancer patients from the past many years and we have made tremendous impact in the field of cancer. In the past year we have not only helped cancer patients with financial and medical help but we have contributed in welfare of the people in need by providing food to those in need, Oxygen cylinders to covid patients, various hygiene kits amongst the marginalised people in the society. Together we could impact so many lives.

For any query, Please contact Mrs. Tabassum Khan (9833817507) or email on [email protected]

Zakat Patient Appeal

Baby Layaba

“As a poor family, we did not have a lot to look up to on most days but the news of our first child kept us elated even when the going was rough. I reminiscence the lovely memories when our child was born and the nurse exclaimed, “It's a baby girl!” Ya Allah! We held our baby with love celebrating her birth. But our joy did not last long as soon as our Baby Layaba turned to her fifth month; she began suffering from vomiting, swelling on stomach, unexplained fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. On consulting our family physician we were advised for sonography in which it was reported of unusual size of lymph nodes inside her stomach. Then she was confined to a hospital bed and my little one underwent two painful surgeries during her fifth and seventh months respectively. Despite of taking the prescribed treatment plan, still it deteriorated her condition. Then, immediately we rushed her to another hospital, where on further investigations, she was diagnosed of “Recurrent Infammatory Myofibroblastic tumor (a type of cancer)” and the suggested treatment will be costing around Rs. 8, 00,000/- approx. This news devastated us, and my little one had to endure hardships that she can’t even understand at her age. Originally we belong from Sangli, but currently for Layaba’s treatment we are staying at our relative’s house in Mumbai. By profession, earlier I was working as a blacksmith on daily wages. But, now I am working at one of my cousin’s shop in Mumbai. And unfortunately we have no means to fund Layaba’s treatment. Therefore, we have approached CARF, who ensured to help us in our child’s treatment. Now my daughter can live only with your generous support. Please, save my little baby with your donations!”

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Master Kasif

“Not only us, every parent feels their children as their happiness. You can imagine our feelings as parents, who fall in love with their unseen child in womb over 9 months and the joy when he comes into our arms. We have been smilingly facing all the hardships to raise our children which were not easy for us as we hail from impoverished background. At the age of 11 years, our second younger son- Kasif was first diagnosed of “Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IV (type of blood cancer) by the doctors after performing multiple medical tests. That moment left us broken and shattered. Even though the prescribed treatment costed us a massive amount, with our tough times, Allah helped us to withstand our hopes. We sold our house and jewellery, along with that money and borrowed funds; we could successfully complete his treatment. Sadly, despite of our hard efforts, during last year November’2021, the fate knocks down to us again with a life-threatening situation to him, as he began falling sick with unexplained fever, weight loss, swelling on stomach and weakness. Then we re-consulted with the doctor, and after doing further medical investigations, it was reported of “Relapsed Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IV BS”, for which the suggested cure is costing Rs. 10, 00,000/- approx. Unfortunately, as I have lost my job and we are living on debts. So, we fail to arrange this huge sum. Basically we hail from Dhule. Ever since Kasif’s second treatment began, from the past one year we are staying in Mumbai in a rented house, leaving our rest two sons with my old parents. Therefore at this juncture, we have approached CARF, who promised us to help in his treatment. All my son needs is a helping hand which will go a long way in saving his life. I plead you to come ahead and support us to save my Kasif!”

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Baby Raashida

Hope and compassion are the only inspiration for humanity. And your support is the only ray of light for this struggling single mother. A mother’s heart melting words, “I will never forget the days when everything changed drastically in our life. I lost my husband to death on 6th March’2021, and from then on life has been quite rude to us. My children are my strong pillars and encouragement of life. I was always adamant on providing my children with good living and education, so that they can lead a better life for tomorrow. However, things took a sudden drastic turn during September’2021, when my daughter Raashida started suffering with severe back ache and swelling over the waist from backside. Her condition was getting more deteriorated even after taking the prescribed medicines. So, we rushed her to the hospital and after performing multiple tests, what came next flipped my worlds upside down, when it was revealed that my daughter was suffering from E-wing Sarcoma (a type of bone cancer). According to the doctors, her condition is critical and she needs an urgent treatment that will cost us Rs.8, 00,000/-approx, which is way beyond our means. Basically we hail from Uttar Pradesh. Our family of 7 members has been living with my meager agricultural income of daily wages, which is just enough to bring food to the table. But, unfortunately, since past few months of Raashida’s hospitalization, we have been staying with our relatives at Mumbai and currently there is no income. During these dark days, we approached CARF and they have agreed to support us in saving my daughter’s life. With each passing days, the hospital bills just pile up and I feel helpless without knowing what to do. I can't lose my lifeline, my reason for existence. I rely on you to show me some light to bring my daughter home safely. Please help us!”

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Master Mujahid

“The day our son Mujahid was born has been the happiest day of our life. We reminiscence the unforgettable moments of nurturing him. But now we feel the blessing in the form of our elder son is on the verge of being stolen away. It was during August 2012, when Mujahid was 4 months old; initially he started falling sick with unexplained fever, cough, body swelling and appearing weak. So, we took him to our family physician and underwent the prescribed treatment. But as such there was no improvement in his health condition. Therefore, we rushed him to the hospital, and as advised by the doctor we underwent further blood investigations, in which he was diagnosed of “Thalassemia Major (a type of blood disorder), for which the only curative treatment suggested by doctor at that time was undergoing periodical blood transfusions. This soul battling situation deeply shattered our world, as we couldn’t imagine our son having to undergo a treatment of such scale. Since then, we have been following all the suggested medical plans for Mujahid. But unfortunately, during last December’2021, his condition started getting more deteriorated. Therefore, with our relatives help for getting better treatment we got shifted from our home town Jharkhand to Mumbai. And here the doctors have informed us, that the only cure which can save our son is “Bone Marrow Transplantation” for which the estimated cost is Rs. 22, 50,000/- approx. By profession, I was working as a tailor. But now I have lost my only source of income after Mujahid was hospitalized. Due to our financial crisis, our seven year old younger son is being protected by our relatives. Currently, I have no means to raise this huge amount for saving my son and that pains me a lot when I see him undergoing the induced pain. In this dark phase of life, I approached CARF, who has ensured to help in saving my son. Please consider donating to save my son's life. Every contribution matters and every bit will be used to pay for his treatment.”

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Progress Report

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude and share that together our hard efforts have turned into great outcomes with respect to the progressive treatment of our below said patients:-

Master Mohd. Khizr, who was diagnosed of “SCID (Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency)” during his eighth month, has completed all his treatment plans and now he is visiting hospital only for follow ups. With regard to health the child is perfect, enjoying games and also started walking.

Then talking about our patient, four year old Master Hasnain Shaikh, who was reported of “Acute Myeloid Leukemia”, has successfully completed the treatment and medical course. Now the child is very active and visiting hospital for follow up once in 2 months. The blood report is awaited for his further medical plans.

Dr Masood Ali Ansari, diagnosed of “Myelodysplastic Syndrome” has successfully completed his BMT during November’2021 and now he is under observation for the period of 1-2 months as advised by the doctor.

Our patient, Ms. Sana Shaikh, who was diagnosed with “End Stage Kidney failure,” is on dialysis thrice a week and in good health condition. Her BMT could not be performed as no matching donor is found.

All the above incredible tasks were possible for us, only with your financial support and encouragement; therefore we take this opportunity to thank all our donors for their kind gesture, which has resulted in this progressive endeavor.

Total Help Given To Cancer Patients

From Financial Year 2001 to 2022


Year Financial & Medical Help No. of Patients
2001-2002 17,500.00 5
2002-2003 1, 29, 916.00 29
2003-2004 11,34,526.00 83
2004-2005 42, 55, 293.00 342
2005-2006 81,12,800.00 546
2006-2007 1, 41, 16, 794.00 665
2007-2008 2,56,94,756.00 1077
2008-2009 1, 57, 91, 123.00 800
2009-2010 1,46,30,699.00 698
2010-2011 1, 50, 20, 156.00 738
2011-2012 1,33,41,961.50 709
2012-2013 1, 44, 02, 002.00 816
2013-2014 1,20,53,104.00 847
2014-2015 1, 09, 42, 560.00 826
2015-2016 1,00,23,615.00 1057
2016-2017 1,00, 23, 615.00 1072
2017-2018 95,80,730.00 1165
2018-2019 70, 66, 799.00 726
2019-2020 72,34,127.00 689
2020-2021 40, 91, 187.00 299
2021-2022 74,67, 246.00 519
2022-2023* 26, 65, 144.00 165
Total*( Till 21st Nov. , 2022 ) 20, 78, 10, 821.50 13873
*Note subject to finalisation of Audit.

Remember, charity begins at home. We endeavour to always remain true to our vision of providing a robust, transparent and effective Zakat service for all. Away from snazzy sloganeering, our commitment to this will never waver as we seek to honour the gift of Zakat for many years to come insha’Allah. Please donate Zakat and support CARF in its mission.

Charity never decreases wealth.” – Sahih Muslim 2588

Documents for Zakat Fund: 

1.Pan Card copy 

2.Complete Correspondence Address with contact no & email id.

You can make your Zakat Contribution into the following Bank Account. Please don’t forget to drop us a mail to confirm your donation at [email protected]

Bank Account Details:


Account Name Account Number Bank Branch MICR Code IFSC Code
Cancer Aid & Research foundation 316202011001357 Union Bank of India Byculla-Mumbai 400026014 UBIN0531626
Cancer Aid & Research foundation 38207432129 State Bank Of India Vikhroli West  400002080 SBIN0001406





You can send the cheques in favour of “CANCER AID & RESEARCH FOUNDATION” at the following address :

Head Office : Unit No 103, Shivkripa Industrial Estate, Above Bank of Baroda, L.B.S Marg, Vikhroli (West) – 400083

Admin Office : Byculla Municipal School Bldg., Ground Floor, N.M.Joshi Marg, Near “S” Bridge, Byculla (W), Mumbai - 400 011

All donations to Cancer Aid & Research Foundation are exempted from payment of Income - Tax u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 Vide Unique Registration No. AAATC3013BF20215

Note: Please Select Zakat in the Donation categories for online transactions.




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