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Introduction of Movember Campaign

This November month is marked as “Men’s health awareness month”, which is an annual event that is organized every year to raise awareness of men's health issues and encourage early detection and treatment for different types of cancers in men. The annual Movember campaign organized for the entire November months is recognized for its fun, disruptive approach for fundraising and getting men to take action for caring their health. During this entire November month, men are challenged to grow a moustache and they are encouraged by women in getting ahead. So, Movember movement is also known as “No-Shave November”.

Story behind “Movember”

In 2003, Movember movement was started when two friends from Australia, named Travis Garone and Luke Slattery met at a bar and wanted to bring back the moustache. They got 30 of their friends to grow out mustaches for 30 days in November, which was a fun bonding experience between the groups of men. They associated the moustache with the pink ribbon for men. The moustaches led to many conversations and caused a lot of reactions and conversations around the types of moustaches men were growing. The friends decided to turn it into a movement, called “Movember”, which evolved into “Changing the face of men’s health.” Since then on, this Movember movement began very formally in Australia's Melbourne and later it came into practice world over. 

How CARF organizes Movember?

It was six years ago, the Movember movement was brought by CARF into practice with a sole initiative to raise awareness about the men’s health issues. The goal is to have men live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Mental health and suicide prevention is one of the biggest health issues impacting men today. Research shows men are less proactive when it comes to accessing their healthcare needs, so the movement seeks to break down some of the barriers. Movember campaign is hosted with an initiative to protect men’s health from the major types of cancers such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. This year also, CARF will be organizing Movember movement, in which men will be found growing moustaches for this whole November month and the women will be supporting their Mo-Bros with their encouragement and motivation towards them, during this entire month. Lastly at the end of the month, it will be celebrated by announcing the winner, bearing the title, “Man of Movember.” Movember is more than a moustache. It aims to recognize men’s health and help men to live a better life.

A  public health initiative supported by the Cancer Aid & Research Foundation.


Grow a Mo, save a Bro

3 Way Campaigns

Grow Move Host
No matter the shape or style of your Mo this Movember, your face can inspire donations, conversations and real change. So start grooming your moustache for 30 days by supporting the campaign. Commit to walking or rrunning 60 kilo meters over the month. Support the campaign by sharing us images and videos of the challenge. Raise funds by doing what you already get a kick out of. Get your mates together for a Mo-ment and start raising funds for the cancer patients who suffer in our society.

The Rules :-

Begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face.

For the entire month of Movember each mo bro must grow and groom a moustache.

Each mo bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

Special Ideas to earn points

Mo Sistas support the Mo and get creative. 

Dye it. Most Creative the colour, more points.

Recreate a famous and iconic Mo. 

Groom your beard and conduct like a true gentleman.

Sport a classic moustache.

Create physical awareness videos

Unite your friends, colleagues or community

To join the fight for men’s health


 Grow a Mo, save a Bro

The moustache is our ribbon. This Movember, grow your Mo and use it to raise awareness for men’s health.

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