CARF provides financial and medical assistance to patients. Not just that, but CARF also gives free accommodation to poor outstation cancer-affected patients and their family members who are stranded on the streets of Mumbai during the period of their treatment. CARF provides them with return railway fare to their hometown post undergoing treatment.

At times, it is tough for poor cancer patients to visit hospitals that are far in a crowded Mumbai city. So CARF gives free ambulance service to cancer patients all over Mumbai.

Free counselling and medical guidance is provided by CARF to numerous cancer patients for them to understand what cancer is and its various treatments.

Our Core Activities
  •  Cancer hotline.
  •  Cancer Research.
  •  Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Cancer advocacy.
  •  Recreational activities for cancer patients.
  •  Counselling for cancer patients and their families.
  •  Screening of cancer based movies and Detection Programme.
  •  Free Ambulance service provided to cancer patients across Mumbai / Thane.
  •  Provision of free Anti-Cancer Drugs, Prosthesis and Instruments to poor patients.
  •  Providing career guidance and Rehabilitation to cancer patients and their relatives.
  •  Funding and services for cancer treatment including Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.
  •  Cancer Awareness and Education through CARF News Bulletins, Patients information leaflets and e-newsletter.
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