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Our Founder

Late Prof. A. A. Kazi was like a ray of sunshine, brightening up everyone whom he touched. He started his career sleeping on the streets of Mumbai city and started India’s largest medical NGO, as Founder of Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) that is serving the same street children who are faced with the dreaded disease of cancer. Along the way, he had also set up charitable Institutions for welfare and education, and was involved in setting up a Cooperative Bank viz. ‘Kokan Mercantile Co-op. Bank Ltd. established in the year 1969.The Bank presently has about 24 branches all over Maharashtra and more than 500 employees working for them. He also served as a Municipal Councilor for several years. All this whilst he was working as a teacher, who eventually rose to become the Head of Department of Political Science at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

Late Prof. Kazi founded CARF in 2001 together with his like-minded colleagues in order to provide standard health care at no cost and dedicated it in remembrance of his mother who lost her life to cancer. In the journey so far, CARF has contributed remarkably towards bridging the huge gap between government and private sectors working towards the noble cause of cure for Cancer.

Who We Are

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation – An Indian Charitable Organization – Established in the year 2001, it is a registered medical NGO and a non-profit Charitable Organization formed with the passionate endeavour of striving endlessly towards the welfare of cancer patients who are underprivileged, without distinction of religion or caste.

Since a decade we have been reaching out to the poor and marginalized cancer patients all over India and have acquired the faith and trust of many poor families that approach us for assistance. Countless people have successfully completed their treatment and are leading a normal life.

Our aims & objectives lend constant support to the poor & needy of our society. We live by the motto of providing as much assistance to the poor patients who suffer from cancer and that they shouldn’t die merely for want of money.

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