Success Stories

 Master Saud Thange, a III Std boy, started complaining of terrible stomach pain. When first diagnosed the sickness could not be traced so, he was advised Sonography.  The reports revealed he had Neuroblastoma (a kind of Cancer that occurs in Children). His family was totally shattered as their financial background was very weak. They approached CARF for support. Master Saud was treated with 7 cycles of Chemotherapy pre and post surgery. Today, CARF is very happy to have helped and saved this precious child’s life. Thanks to all the wonderful donors with whose help Master Saud is now hale & hearty once again.

Master Saud Thange

Master Rohan Dubey

  10 yrs old boy Master Rohan Dubey from Santacruz (E) started getting recurrent fever. When admitted in Nanavati Hospital & investigated, he was diagnosed as suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a type of Blood Cancer). On medical grounds he was advised Chemotherapy for total recovery from cancer. His father being a small time tailor hardly earns enough to feed his family & was not able to afford such huge medical expenditure. When he approached CARF for help, he received not only financial support from CARF but was also counselled to decrease the family’s difficulties. Now Master Rohan is studying in 4th Std, attending school regularly. He enjoys a cancer free world & is often seen attending our programs organised for motivating other cancer patients.

 This is a story of Mrs. Sultana Fakhi who is 64 yrs old and leading a happy life watching her grandkids grow. She was delighted while sharing this Suddenly she went down the memory lane and her eyes got damp. She recalled those days about how did it start, it started with getting small numerous lumps in the breast in the year 2014-15. She saw her doctor, immediately doctor had advised her Mammography. Reports came positive, Dr Pradhan was treating her, and he advised her surgery. She underwent a surgery in 2014, her both of the breasts are removed, she put on radiation after it, and did 20 radiations. She is completely remitted from this dreaded disease. Now she goes for a follow-up every 6 months. She is on a maintenance dose. She gets elated by mentioning it. She feels contended, mentioning about CARF. CARF took her financial responsibility of her surgery. She says CARF gave me a life once more. She wishes a very good luck to CARF and CARF wish her a long healthy life ahead. 

Mrs. Sultana Fakhi

Master Sandeep Yadav

 Master Sandeep Yadav, 10 yrs old boy from Jharkhand started suffering from tremendous stomach pain and swelling in March 2012. Even after local treatment there was no sign of improvement in his condition. He was taken to Nair hospital, and after several tests, it was diagnosed as Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a type of Blood Cancer).  His father being a driver in Mumbai earns very little and lives in a hand to mouth situation. At Sion Hospital where he was admitted for further treatment, he learnt about CARF. His father approached CARF in October 2012 for financial help.   Through CARF’s assistance, Master Sandeep was shifted to Jaslok Hospital for better treatment, here he completed 12 Chemotherapy cycles & is now totally Cancer free.  CARF also helped Sandeep in getting admission in school and looks after his medical follow-up, periodically.