“If you donate money you give food, if you donate blood you give life. Eventually, BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL”. On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, CARF organised Blood Donation Camp at Vruksh Vatika, Nair Hospital on Thursday 29th June, 2017 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. in association with Pragati Pratishtan. Chairman Mr. Shamshi Mulla & CEO Mrs. Savita Nathani actively participated during the camp meeting the donors and complimenting them for their good work.  The Corporator of Ward 207 Mrs. Surekha Lokhande & BJP leader Mr. Rohidas Lokhande and Mr.Ramesh N. Bharmal Dean Along with Mrs.Pankaja Agal Asst. Dean of Nair Hospital graced the occasion. This camp was to motivate regular blood donors to continue giving blood, and motivate people in good health who have never given blood to begin doing so, particularly young people encouraging them to care for one another and promote community cohesion. “Blood connects us all”. This camp was to motivate regular blood donors to continue giving blood, and motivate people in good health who have never given blood to begin doing so, particularly young people encouraging them to care for one another and promote community cohesion. Mission of this camp is to create 100 % availability of Blood in emergency such as road accidents and especially in between the treatment of deadly disease like Cancer. CARF need approx. 1 or 2 % population of Mumbai for blood donation which is not impossible to achieve if donors like you all voluntarily come forward to join hands together to fight against cancer. We thank the Nair Hospital team & Pragati Pratishtan for coming forward in helping us for this great cause. CARF feels it a great privilege & honour to make Blood Donation camp an event of celebration. Click here:-

The Free Press Journal, 01 July, 2017 epaper,



 To commemorate the World Anti Tobacco Day, Carf organised a free medical and blood test camp for the general public at unit number 29, Mayur Nagar, Aarey milk colony, Goregaon East, in order to make people aware of all the problems and health complications that happen due to tobacco chewing and smoking. This will help prevent health hazards and make the world free from tobacco. Many people participated in the medical camp, which was supported by the Rotary Club of Mumbai. Click Here:

 The Free Press Journal, 08 June, 2017 epaper,

 " कैंसर एड एंड रीसर्च फाउंडेशन "(कार्फ) के चेयरमैन शम्शी मुल्ला एक उद्यमी और कर्तव्यनिष्ठ व्यक्ति हैं। ऑनररी चीफ एक्जिक्यूटिव ऑफिसर के रूप में महज चार वर्ष पहले श्रीमुल्ला इस संस्था से जुड़े थे। लेकिन, अपने अथक परिश्रम और समर्पणभाव से आज वह चेयरमैन की कुर्सी पर आसीन हैं। कैंसर पीड़ित गरीब रोगियों की सेवा में सदैव तत्पर रहनेवाले शम्सी को इस संस्था ने कुछ समय के लिए ट्रस्टी भी बनाया था। अपनी विशिष्ट कार्यशैली को लेकर वह न सिर्फ अपनी संस्था के लोगों के बीच बल्कि, रोगियों के बीच भी लोकप्रिय रहे हैं और कैंसर मुक्त भारत के सपने को साकार करने के अभियान में पूरे मनोयोग से लगे हैं। आज  " कैंसर एड एंड रीसर्च फाउंडेशन " मेडिकल क्षेत्र में कार्यरत स्वयंसेवी संस्थाओं में अग्रणी और वृहत्तर बनी हुयी है। शम्शी मुल्ला आज जिस एन.जी.ओ. के चेयरपर्सन हैं, वह सन् २००१ में स्थापित हुई थी। और तेरह सौ अस्पतालों को संचालित करनेवाली "कार्फ" अब तक लगभग साढ़े नौ हजार कैंसर पीड़ितों की चिकित्सा और सहायता कर चुकी है। इस प्रकार इन सोलह वर्षों में सोलह करोड़ रूपये खर्च किये गये हैं। यह संस्था भायखला (मुंबई) में रोगियों के लिए एक पुनर्वास केन्द्र भी चलाती है, जिसमें उनको काग़ज के फूल, काग़ज की थैली,मोमबत्ती,दीया व अन्य कई फैंसी सामान बनाने का प्रशिक्षण दिया जाता है ताकि वह अपने आप पर निर्भर हो सकें। जिस वर्ष (२००१) "कार्फ" स्थापना हुई, शम्शीने उस साल मुंबई विश्वविद्यालय से वाणिज्य में स्नातकोत्तर डिग्री हासिल की। उसके बाद वह अपने घर के पुराने टेक्सटाईल्स बिजनेस में लग गये। कपड़ा उद्योग की उत्पाद और तकनीकी बारीकियों को जानने के बाद शम्शी पायोनियर ग्रुप के एक स्तंभ बन के उभरे। वह साहिल ऑटोमोबाईल के भी सह-संस्थापक हैं और भवन निर्माण क्षेत्र में भी वह सक्रिय रहे हैं। लेकिन, समाज सेवा की भावना ने उनको इस एन.जी.ओ. से जोड़ा। शम्शी मुल्ला को उनकी सेवाओं के लिए सम्मानित भी किया गया है। गत वर्ष नवम्बर में " मुंबई ग्लोबल एचीवर्स अवार्ड " और उसके बाद दिसम्बर में " ब्रांड्स एकैडमी हेल्थकेयर एक्सेलेंस अवार्ड " (दिल्ली ) प्रदान किया गया |  Click Here 

 Rehabilitation Activity:- Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) have one of its important missions as the Rehabilitation of Cancer patients. As part of its Rehabilitation activity for cancer patients, CARF organised an activity for the cancer patients and their relatives. This activity involves patients to make various handmade products to enable them to earn their livelihood and stand out in the society. This Rehabilitation activity was conducted at Carf office and around 10 to 15 patients were present. Patients were taught to make various products using ice cream candy sticks. Patients enthusiastically made pen stand, mobile stand, etc using candy stick. Overall the entire event was a true motivation for all cancer patients lead a respectful life. Thus, supporting us in the united fight against cancer. The Free Press Journal, 07 April, 2017 epaper,

mid-day Tuesday, April 11,  2017 | | | 

 World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and is the single initiative under which the world can unite to raise the profile of cancer in a positive and inspiring way. Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) conducted a free medical camp at Swing & Hit Cricket Tournament at Bangladesh ground, Bhayander, in co-ordination with Fete and Bash Event Planners. To help spread the message, World Cancer Day harnessed the power of sports by encouraging sports fans, organisations and personalities to use their voice and reach through the ‘Support through Sport’ initiative. This medical camp was organised for all the youngsters participating in the cricket tournament, thus raising awareness among the youth of our country. If the youngsters are well aware about cancer and its causes, it would be a bright future for us wherein we can see a society without cancer. CARF has been following World Cancer day for past many years and have organised and conducted many awareness and prevention drives across the city. World Cancer Day is the right opportunity for CARF and all the participating youngsters to stand United against Cancer. The Free Press Journal, 09 Fabruary, 2017 epaper,

 CARFIANS Participated in Mumbai Marathon for cancer awareness. CARFIANS held the Mumbai Marathon on January 15 to spread awareness regarding cancer. As a mark of support towards the theme, they and the volunteers wore hand gloves depicting various types of cancer. The main objective behind the event was to raise funds by selling Marathon Bibs, the proceeds of which are utilised for funding cancer treatment of poor and needy patients. mid-day Tuesday, January 24, 2017 | | | 

 Christmas & New Year Celebration forcancer affected kids, Cancer Aid and Research Foundation organised a celebration for cancer afflicted children on January 11. All the kids enjoyed by participating in dancing, singing, games, etc. Shamshi Mulla, Chairman distributed Christmas gifts to all the kids, followed by refreshments.Santa Claus entertained the children and distributed sweets. mid-day Tuesday, January 17, 2017 | | |

 Cancer Aid and Research Foundation supports Mnovember campaign, Cancer Aid and Research Foundation supported 'Movember campaign where men sponsored to grow moustaches throughout the month of November. This movement designed to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, research and treatment. The program ended with a celebration selecting the 'Man of Movember whose moustache was well-grown and well-groomed as the winner. The Free Press Journal, 06 December 2016 epaper,

 CARF organises Children Day program, Children's Day is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm on 14th of November. It is celebrated with the kids with great passion and excitement. On this occasion, CARF organised a get-to-gather for kids suffering from cancer at Sant Gadge Maharaj Dharmshala, Dadar. The main purpose is to entertain these kids suffering from cancer and make them happy.The program commenced at 12 pm with light entertainment program followed by lunch to all the children. To make this event more memorable, cheques were also distributed to kids suffering from cancer, in the hands of Kri pashankar Singh, former minister of state. The Free Press Journal, 30 November 2016 epaper,

 Cancer Aid & Research Foundation awarded Mumbai Global Achievers Award 2016, Mr. Shamshi Mulla – Chairman, Cancer Aid & Research Foundation has been awarded Mumbai Global Achievers Award for his achievement and extraordinary work in the field of Social Servicein the hands of Mr. Gufi Paintal ( Renowned Actor & Director). This function was held at Bhaidas Hall, Vile Parle (west), Juhu on 11th November, 2016. Many eminent people received awards in various categories. The award function was graced by veteran Bollywood actor Jeetendra. The Free Press Journal, Thu, 17 November 2016, epaper,

 CARF organised 'Food Distribution Program', World Food Day is celebrated every year in the month of October, to focus on the issues like global misery of hunger and poverty.This year CARF participated by organising 'Food Distribution Program' recently. On the occasion of the World Food Day, every year CARF distributes food to the poor patients and their families (with no proper stay) who are encamped in and around the hospital. The Free Press Journal, Thu, 07 November 2016, epaper,

 World Food Day is celebrated, every year in the month of October, to focus on the issues like global misery of hunger and poverty. This year CARF participated by organising “Food Distribution Program” on 25th October, 2016. Hundred of poor people suffering from cancer who come for treatment to Mumbai from outstation (adults and children), are living on the streets during their treatment period, because of no proper place to stay. These poor people go hungry for days together as they cannot even afford two square meals a day. On the occasion of WorldFoodDay, every year CARF distributes food to these poor patients and their families who are encamped in and around the hospital. To mark the occasion, this year too we distributed food to these poor cancerpatients living in and around the campus of KEM ,Wadia and Tatahospitals.

 CARF celebrated the World Rose Day on October 8, 2016 with children affected with cancer. It was a memorable celebration as the cancer affected kids were really happy and enjoyed to the core. A blooming red rose amidst wrinkles, balding, bandages and radiation made a difference and provided sheer joy to the kids. CARF distributed food to the kids and good wishes to people suffering from cancer and being treated at radiology, OPD, palliative care units.

After Distribution of food and roses, the children were taken to Nehru Science Centre, Worli. The Nehru Science Centre staff and team were also supportive in hosting the event. The children were taken across the different parts of the venue wherein they gained lots of information about science. To name a few resonances of sound, shadow and effects of light, linear motions etc. The Kids were also shown an informative 3D movie about the different timeline of scientific discovery. Every Year rose Day is celebrated on 22nd September and is dedicated to those battling cancer all over the world. This Day is in memory of a 12 year old – Melinda Rose of Canada, who, when diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, did not give up hope. As Lance Armstrong said “We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” This Rose day we promise to fight Cancer and never give up.

 On the occasion of Blood Donor Day, CARF in collaboration with J.J. Group of Hospitals & Team actively participated in the celebration by organising a Blood Donation Camp at CST Station from 10 am onwards on 15th June, 2016 which continued till 5 pm. There was an overwhelming response throughout the day, around 92 active persons/ social activists donated blood. Volunteers & CARF team put in a lot of efforts in convincing the public to donate Blood.

There were smiles & a sense of satisfaction till the end - self-sacrificing service with a smile to give life for others. CARF feels it a great priviledge & honour to make Blood Donation camp an event of celebration. It’s truly said “WE NEED EACH OTHER, DONATE BLOOD & SAVE LIFE”

Cancer Aid & Research  Foundation organised Free Medical camp on World Anti Tobacco day at Trimurti OM Mitral Mandal, Omkar Sadan, Gold Fitness Gym, Shree Ganesh Nagar, Lalbaug Market, Lalbaug. All the members of the Trimurti Om Mitral Mandal & CARF team attended and actively participated in the medical camp.

There was very good response from the public as around 87 Men, Women & Children got their medical test done. 

The Camp concluded with Dr. Pragji S. Vaja & Mr. Sandesh Parab (President of the Mandal) saying a few words of appreciation & thanking CARF for the concern they showed by organising this camp to explain the ill effects of Cancer & the precautionary  measures to be taken to avoid this disease. They also praised CARF for the holistic work done of helping poor cancer patients by providing medical & financial support to them.

DGM Mrs. Tabassum Khan presented Mr. Sandesh Parab a bouquet of flowers & thanked him for giving us permission to have this camp in their campus & his team for rendering all their support to CARF during the Medical Camp.

 Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) a registered medical NGO who provides free medical and financial aid to poor cancer patients celebrated World Rose Day on Wednesday, 30th September 2015 in the CARF’s office at Byculla. This was the way of showing patients that our Foundation is with them in their battle against fighting this disease, and that we care for them. Poor cancer patients (children) along with their parents attended the function. Besides serving snacks & fruit juice, Mr. Shamshi Mulla-CEO, Mrs. Savita Nathani-COO & Mrs. Tabassum Khan-DGM distributed gifts, Roses & fruits to the little children and spent some light moments with them. Baby Cell Foundation presented CARF with a donation cheque towards the treatment of these children on this occasion.

Cancer Aid & Research Foundation (CARF) celebrated World Cancer Day at Byculla Police Station with great zeal and vigour. Mr. S. Jayakumar, I.P.S. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone-3 was the Chief Guest for the day. He was felicitated by Mr. Shamshi Mulla, CEO with a bouquet of flowers followed by felicitation of Mr. Keshav Patil, DCP (Traffic Institute) by Mrs. Savita Nathani, COO, Mrs. Tabassum Khan, DGM felicitated Mr. Popatrao Tivatne, ACP and Mr. Suresh Magdum, Sr. Police Inspector was felicitated by Dr. Fatima Syed. Mr. Mustafa Mulla, Social Activist, coordinated to make this event a success.

A short film on ‘Oral Cancer’ was screened in order to educate them about the ill effects of tobacco. Mrs. Tabassum Khan introduced CARF and its activities by a short speech in Marathi.The highlight of this event was the Medical Camp for the police personnel. About 107 policemen/policewomen participated in the camp for check-up and also for pathology tests. Dr. Suhail Sayyed, Dr. Fatima Syed along with their team conducted the medical camp.

CARF is grateful to Mr. S. Jayakumar, I.P.S. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone-3 for granting permission to hold this event/camp on ‘World Cancer Day’ and for all the support and courtesy rendered to CARF.